Oh geez

June 22, 2012

Any bets on how this is going to end?!




I have found this summer, by about 3pm… We are ALL done playing nice. Including me. We are all three pretty tired of each other.

I finally got tired of yelling “Quit fighting!!” and changed it to a super compassionate… “Someone is going to get hurt and when it happens, I’m not going to care. You have been warned…. Carry on crazy people, carry on.”

And the first one to cry??? Nate takes the prize! I actually had my money on Scott.



3 Responses to “Oh geez”

  1. ccmiller35 Says:

    Glad to know we aren’t the only ones who start melting down as the day goes on. Let’s be honest though, sometimes it starts at 9 am though too.

  2. azdenek Says:

    You’re the best mom ever. 🙂 At least you have two boys… when you have one of each, the boy is hitting and the girl not (at least in my family). Instead she is saying really hurful things. There’s usually a super-meltdown where everyone is crying and I’m trying to stay mellow by saying things like, “you guys seem so sad. Why don’t you hug it out?” Yeah, and that goes over very well. Mega DRAMA!

    • Cori Says:

      Ha! Very true… I think I might prefer fighting it out with fists rather than words, but at least words don’t gash open a forehead like a tooth (that was on Tuesday)! I love the hug it out! I’m stealing that!

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