7 years 4 weeks and 3 days

September 10, 2012

Things I just remembered that I forgot. Documenting Scott’s bday! School starting has rocked my world, but I think a routine is finally getting established. Phew. I almost pulled everyone out and starting homeschooling, but instead of being super drama queen, I gave it a week and everyone is thankful.

Scott. Quite simply, you are beyond amazing. You are so smart. Not just you are my own kid and I think you are smart, but you are really smart. Sometimes you bust out a fact or a question or read me something and I am shocked. Especially when you started reading my texts to me. That scared me until I figured out how to hide the pop up on my phone. You are funny and goofy. You like to have your own space and be the boss. You are good to your brother when it matters. You feel deeply and have a compassionate heart. You play soccer and basketball. You have crazy climbing skills that you demonstrate every chance you get. Even in Whole Foods. You are a rule follower. You are daring and brave. Flips off the high dive, jumping off Dripping Springs, backflips on the Blob. You scare me  a little. We love you. Higher than the heavens and deeper than the seas.

PS I really hope your two front teeth never grow in because you are super cute.

Birthday dinner of shrimp, crab legs, scallops and honey chicken with rice. Absolutely no fruit or veggies.

Requested dessert: chocolate cream cookies, swedish fish and chocolate lava cake.

The favorite present!


4 yrs and 7 days

July 17, 2012

Nate is 4!

(and 7 days)


Everyday you make us laugh out loud. You are kind and you are fast runner. You love knights and pretending and Scott. You amaze me with how smart you are. You went off the diving board, the slide, and the high dive for the first time all within two days. You decided you were going to do it and you did. You are brave and strong and your smile lights up a room. Thank you for being ours. I’m glad I don’t have to share you for a long time (although, you do already have your wife picked out, but you promised me that you won’t get married until after college). I love you Nate Keener. I love you higher than the heavens and deeper than the seas.

Thanks Mimi and Poppy!


All about Nate.

Every time we have gone to Target in the last year you have looked at the GI Joe cake and said, “I want that on my birthday!”


For Nate’s birthday, he let me off easy. He wanted to go to Big Daddy’s for dinner and wanted a store bought cake, I felt bad for about 30 seconds. We had a super healthy day of donuts for breakfast, a hot dog and slushy for lunch, and dessert at the pool. He went down the slide over 30 times at the pool! You got a castle and knights, a knight costume, and a new board game. Happy Birthday Nate, we love celebrating you!




















Two Hands

August 10, 2011

Oh man, yesterday anniversary, today Scott’s bday, this is officially mushy blog week.

Scott Michael Lyon,

You are 6! I can’t even believe it.

You are an enigma. You can’t stand the melty cheese on a quesadilla but you love sushi, crab legs, and Chinese food. You love every flavor of ice cream except for vanilla. You would rather have no ice cream than eat plain vanilla. You love every kind of weapon. And you are wavering between being an ambulance driver or an assassin (I am praying when your teacher asks you what you want to be that you just go with ambulance driver).

You are loyal, you are courageous and you are a rule follower. The love and kindness that you show your brother takes my breath away sometimes.

You are funny. A quiet witty funny that cracks us up. You love books and are starting to read. I can’t wait until you can read completely on your own, I think you will be heaven! You are focused and determined and have an amazing memory.

You are an amazing negotiator. Your dad has been training you since you were born. One of your favorite phrases is, “Well, how about _____, is that a deal?”

We love you so much. We love you higher than the heavens and deeper than the seas. You completely changed our lives when you were born, and I would never go back.

PS I changed my mind… Actually, I can believe you are six, I can’t believe you are starting kindergarten in nine days. Part of me wants to scream, “It’s too soon! He’s not ready!” But I know you are. You are ready to take on the world. With your family screaming from the sidelines of course.

PPS My dear precious eldest son, in your upcoming year of life, will you please let me take more pictures of you? Please.

Nate Keener Lyon-

YOU ARE 3! In your two’s…. You started talking up a storm and haven’t slowed down…one bit. You broke your leg. You mastered riding a scooter. Your favorite things to do are wrestling with your brother (your dad, friends, anyone), playing play doh, painting, helping me make breakfast shakes, jumping on the trampoline, and following Scott around. You love costumes and pretending. When you talk to yourself, it is the most adorable thing. You love running, reading, and getting dirty.

You are funny. Spazzy and really truly funny. When you get excited you crazy dance. You get excited several times a day. Your eyes are happy eyes and you can open your mouth almost as big as your dad. When you smile it takes up 80 % of your face.

Your favorite color is blue, your favorite food is still pizza, your favorite dessert is icing off a cupcake and ice cream.

You have a kind heart and an infectious smile. You can always find the moon during the day. You always wait until after we brush your teeth at night to ask for a snack. You are perfect just the way you are and we love you. We love you so much. We love you higher than the heavens and deeper than the seas.

PS Your favorite word is poop. And you are scared of fireworks.

Birthday Buddy

June 14, 2011

Dearest Birthday Buddy,

Today you are 1 and I am 31. It is time to start ingraining in you why our birthday is the BEST day of the year.

1. It is our birthday (obviously).

2. It is flag day. Flag day is a national holiday. Therefore our birthday is a national holiday. All those flags that people are flying…. They’re for you baby girl (or just tell yourself that).

3. You were born in ’10, I was born in ’80. This sounds silly, but it will come in very useful later in life when you are trying to figure out how old you will be when or as you get really old how old you are in the moment. When will I turn 16? BAM, 2026! How old am I turning this year? BAM 31! How old was I in back in ’93? BAM 13!… Trust me, other unlucky folks have to do WAY more thinking.

4. June 14th is summer time. Summer time is the best season so it would only be fitting that the best holiday would be placed in the best season.

5. Our birthday is 6 months from Christmas. This will mean a lot to you in about 7 years. Every 6 months you get to ask for presents! Just think of those poor people that have to wait almost an entire year before their new present requests. And can you even imagine the pressure?! What if you forget something amazing? What if you have a November birthday and then in January they come out with the one thing you never knew you couldn’t live with out?! PHEW, we are so lucky.

Basically all you need to know… June 14th is the best day of the year.

I love you Campbell Hope Good. Enjoy your big day and give your mama a hug and kiss from me.

I am sad to say this is our only picture together. Isn't your mom a photographer or something?

PS Happy Birthday to my all my other Birthday Buddies out there! (Stacy!)

The Pink Watch

June 17, 2009

My birthday was perfect. The best one I have had in a long long time. Maybe even the best one I have had since I turned sixteen and the Baby Blue Bronco Two entered my life.

Birthdays are not a big deal to Mike, so it has taken years of intense training (and by training, I mean annoying nagging and many disappointed faces.) BUT this year, he got it. The entire weekend was all about me.

My family, on the other hand,  has always made a huge deal about birthdays (I have had a total of 4 surprise parties, one of them was given by Bethany). I was surprised every time. This year, my parents kept BOTH boys over night (Nate’s first sleep over!) which was a big enough present, then they “helped” Scott plan a party for me, which included my favorite cake, party hats and princess plates. They made lunch and picked out perfect and thoughtful presents. I ended my birthday weekend feeling very appreciated and special.

My birthday kick off on Saturday was to pick out a new running watch from Scott and Nate. I lost my watch around January and have been timing my runs on my ipod because I just knew the watch would turn up…. (this is why I don’t buy fancy things, I lose them.) Mike walked around with Scott while I pondered over watches. When he came back, I had a pink Nike watch out that I was pretty sure was the one. When Mike saw it he said, “You don’t want to pick pink, that’s too girly.”

Me: I am a girl.

Mike: But you don’t want to look girly when you are running. You want to look hardcore.

Me: Actually, I want to look girly.

Mike: No, you will get sick of having a pink watch. Pick the black one or the black one with pink detail.

Me: (to the sales guy) Okay, may I please see the black one and the black one with pink detail also?

Sales Guy Inner Monologue: Seriously lady. Just pick a watch. You have already seen like every one we carry. And you keep asking me questions. Like I have all the watch facts memorized. Man, when is it my smoke break.

Me: The black and pink one reminds me of the eighties. Uuummmmm. (inner monologue: I really want the all pink one. But what if Mike is right… am I going to get sick of it? No! Cori, go with your gut. But now I am questioning my choice, maybe I should just get the all black one)

This inner monologue continued for about 8 minutes (if I already had a watch at this point, I could have timed it, but then there would be no story.)

Sales Guy Inner Monologue: I am seriously way to stoned to dealing with this lady.

Me: I am getting the pink one. It is the one I want.

Mike: Are you sure?

Me: I am sure.

I am not shy and I don’t have any problem speaking my mind, but I think sometimes I let peoples opinions and expectations of me determine my final choice. It is so hard to fight that those mom expectations. What sport is your kid in? Why isn’t Scott in preschool yet? Why is your child having a rage out??? Nate isn’t sleeping through the night yet? What church do you go too? Come here at this time, go here and buy this, pick this watch over that watch. Sometimes it just feels easier to do what everyone else expects me to do, instead of explaining or arguing or worst of all, letting someone down.

I should point out, I don’t feel judged by others. It is more that their comments and questions cause me to question my choices.

I never used to feel like this. I pretty much made all my own choices with very little input from others (or care at what others thought). I am working on getting back there.

So, cheers to my girly pink watch. Every time I look at it I smile.

*Side Note: There was much more to my birthday from Mike. And yes, he is bossy. We both are.