Things I learned this week:

1. There is a sign in someone’s yard advertising the company that is painting their house. I have ran past said sign 4 times a week since we moved here two months ago and each time I run by I think, “That is so weird that they named their company Bottom Dweller Painting…What does that mean???” On Monday, I realized that the sign actually says, “Bottom DOLLAR”. No, I don’t wear glasses, I have no excuse for the confusion.

*Side Note: I would not recommend Bottom Dollar Painting, since, like I said, the house has been in the processes of being painted for the last 9 or so weeks.

2. Boys are stinky. We went to Scott’s first dentist appointment on Tuesday. As they called our name, Nate pooped. So the nurse had to wait for us as I changed his diaper, there was only the normal trash can in the bathroom to put it in, so the entire bathroom stank. Then, the nurse takes us in this little office to get all our info and I start smelling something. I lean down and whisper, “Scott, did you toot.” He whispers, “Yes, and it stinks.” And stink it did…in the teeny tiny office.

3. You are supposed to put whipped cream on a pie, just before you serve it. If you do it the night before, it will have semi soaked into the pie by morning and be a weird brownish color and then no one will eat it at your brunch and you won’t blame them, because it did look kind of gross, but then when you get home, you will eat it for lunch and discover….Looks can be deceiving.

4. I do not have the self control to make cookie dough.

5. Self defense moves are awesome.

6. There are bread machine packs. You pour these packs into the bread machine and get fresh bread. I HAD NO IDEA! My mom knew, and assumed I knew. Never assume I know anything.

7. Mike’s favorite pie is chocolate. For the last eight years I thought it was pumpkin.

What did you learn this week?