Ra Ra

May 9, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. There is an entire magazine dedicated to all the crucial life issues that cheerleaders face, this mag is appropriately titled “American Cheerleader” and apparently my dermatologist sees enough cheerleaders to necessitate a subscription.

2. Black out curtains really work. Nate has slept….well…. like a baby since we put one up.

3. I am really grateful that my mom let me do whatever I wanted to do with my hair growing up. (with the exception of a perm and the Dorthy Hamill, I begged my mom for both. The perm I begged for years for. The Dorthy Hamill I became obsessed with, not actually because of Dorthy Hamill, but because of Christy (used to be) Fry, from our youth group. She was/is gorgeous and is probably the only other person in America that could pull off the haircut, besides Dorthy Hamill, of course.)

4. Nate is at the age that I absolutely adore. If someone could miracously give me a 10 month old in 3 years, I MIGHT consider having a third. (MIGHT, I SAID MIGHT!)

5. I think we, somehow, have lost the Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin movie that we rented from the library. I am not happy about this.

6.There are some friends that you can not hang out with for 10 years and immediately feel connected to once you see them again. I am thankful for those kind of friends.

7. Mike took complete offense to my Man Boob post on behalf of all men. Why, I do not know. He knows I could kick his booty in a race any day.

What did you learn this week?