Magic Peas

January 9, 2010

This week was weird. Really weird. School was out because it was COLD. What the what?! The days seemed to creep by but the week flew by. The week in review/Things I learned this week/Basically a hodge podge:

-One vasectomy (everything went well, but I do have a funny story in a second)

-Three stickers on the Bribe Chart and the first reward was obtained!

Making his "reward" (chocolate pretzels) note the tongue of concentration

-Two trips to Target, One really cute lamp shade purchased (it is freezing out, there is nothing else to do besides hang out at Target!)

-Skipped two runs, I can’t handle the treadmill and I can’t handle negative degree weather (however… if you have tips for running in the freezing, let me know… my cut off is 10 degrees). What’s a girl to do?

-Discovered Man vs Wild and the WHOLE family loves it. Scott is now obsessed with knowing what kind of animal he is eating.

The Lyon Men watching Man vs Wild

-One school eliminated from my list of potential canidates

-I have a hair magazine I got before I chopped my hair and I as I was thumbing through it I realized all the people whose hair I like are from Australia

-We have an ant issue! Who has an ant problem in negative degree weather?? Isn’t that one of the benefits of cold… all the creepies die? I know you are thinking, “Man, her kitchen must be really disgusting in order to have ants right now….” I assure you, it is not! I can’t even figure out where they are coming from… Surely it isn’t from the open jar of sugar I keep on the counter at all times…. (just kidding!)

-Okay, so here is one of the hilarious stories that have come from the vasectomy. I think this one gives a little glimpse into our family dynamic:

This morning, when the boys woke up we put them in bed with us and we were all just snuggling and hanging out. Nate was crawling all over us, Scott was tooting under the covers, you know, the usual. All of the sudden, Nate crawled over Mike and jerked his head back and slammed Mike right in the, ahem, vasectomy region. This is the conversation that followed:


Mike: (screaming) CORI!!!!

Me: What?! It isn’t my fault?!?!

Nate: (lies there frozen until I grab him)

Mike: (writhing in pain)

Me: (rolling my eyes in annoyance)

Scott: I know what to do! (runs to the kitchen)

Scott: Here Dad! I got your Magic Peas!

Nate: (still sitting on my lap)

Mike: Oh my gosh. It hurts so bad! It feels like………………………………………………………….(5 minutes later)……………..

Me: Are you going to be okay?

Scott: Nate, you hit dad in his surgery!

Nate: (staring at everyone smiling)

Mike: You just don’t understand, I just need to lay here.

Me: Sigh, come on kids….

It was one of those, not funny but kinda funny moments. Okay, Mike didn’t think it was funny at all.

-Nate has started fake laughing and sounds exactly like Cher

-We had play group at our house and it was a hit (there were a couple of sword smacking incidents, but all in all….)

-Scott has been taking lots of pictures with my camera (several of his shots have been of my booty, which are promptly deleted) here are my top two favorites:

And that folks, was pretty much our week! OH, and the ribs at Elmers are awesome!