Budgets, I do not like. My husband I like. My husband LOVES budgets. Budgets I am learning to love deal with.

My goal for this month is to spend $600 on groceries and dining out. Some of you are laughing right now and yelling to your spouse “See I AM good with our money, this crazy girl has to TRY to ONLY spend $600 on food!!!” To those frugal people, I applaude you. To everyone else, I am going to try really hard!

My problem:

1. I only buy organic.

2. I like to eat out.

My action plan:

1. Plan better.

2. Eat out less.

3. Pretend like it is really fun to have to stick with a budget and view it as a challenge and have a big party every month with all the money I saved.

P.S. Mike- don’t have a spaz attack, I was just kidding about the party, I am going to charge for it and add the earnings to my eating out budget.