Things I learned this week:

1. For some reason I seem to think when Mike is out of town bad people are ONLY going to come in the middle of the night after I have fallen asleep. I had a long talk with myself last night (in my head of course, I’m not that weird) and came to the conclusion: I am eventually going to fall asleep, so if some one is spying on me, waiting until I go to bed, what is the difference if I fall asleep at 10 or at 1? (this conversation actually helped and I was asleep by 11:30)

2. Scott had his first rage out in a long time last night. I can’t believe I went through a couple of months of dealing with those a couple times a week if not a couple times a day. Really, I think I deserve some kind of reward for the fact that we both made it through that phase alive.

3. Not as much changes in a year as you would think. We just got back from the party store and Scott picked out the EXACT SAME pirate decorations that he picked for his party last year!

4. My bra collection currently consists of 3 beige bras, 2 black bras and 1 hot pink bra that never gets worn. When did I become so practical?

5. Along the same lines, Gap Body has the best bras. I didn’t actually learn that this week, but just thought I would share. Great prices, last forever, and fit SO much better than Victoria Secret. And it’s the Gap… something is always on sale!

6. The Target Brand Sport Spray Sunscreen smells worse than really bad smelling bug spray. It is disgusting, I am taking mine back.

7. Usually I don’t wear make up to the pool, but we went at night this week and I had already put mascara on. We got home and I looked like this. I have now added waterproof mascara to my target list. Right under “take back disgusting sunscreen” and right before “70 hot dogs”.

8. I have two days to make 7 batches for brownies.

What did you learn this week?