Heaven in the 417

September 16, 2011

We let Scott skip school the Friday before Labor Day for a 3 night 4 day trip to Big Cedar Lodge in Branson. It was awesome. So awesome. We had a couple of mishaps along the way but what is a family vacation with out some drama? The kids are at that amazing age where they are old enough to understand we are doing something different and special but still young enough to be excited about EVERYTHING. Our favorite vacation quote was from Scott…. While chilaxing in the hot tub after a long morning of eating pancakes and water-sliding, he leaned back, smiled and said, “Ahhh, This is the Life man.” 

Wonderful family pic. Sorry about your head Mike.

Part I Dogwood Canyon Tour

If you ever find yourself near Dogwood Canyon. GO! We did a 2 hour tram tour/campfire and dinner. It is awesome! You do a tour of the grounds (waterfalls, fish, etc), you get to see the deer and water buffalo, THEN you go to a old fashioned campfire with food, smores, and marshmallow fights. We caught lightening bugs and spotted several bats. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip!

Dogwood Canyon tour.

Scott got to be part of the campfire entertainment!

Scott loves fire. Really loves it.

 Part II Silver Dollar City

MIke and Scott plunging to the water.

We decided to take Gary Busey with us.

This is now one of my all time favorite pics of Scott.

SIlver Dollar Jail. Nate really did have fun despite the depressio pictures of him.

Another great family picture. Sorry about your head Mike.

PS Part III was going to be random Big Cedar pictures and Firework night pictures, but I got tired… To be continued…



June 24, 2011

So far, this summer has been (as Scott would say…) AWESOME! A perfect combo of busy and lazy. We have been hiking, swimming, going to the weekly free movie at Riverwalk, sleeping in, splash park with friends and taking each week as it comes.

Because I am crazy, I have no pictures of swimming so far, but this year with the kids has been so fun. Scott is swimming completely on his own. ON HIS OWN. My future life as a pool mom in the shade reading is so close I can taste it. He is going off the HIGH DIVE  and swimming to the edge ALONE. That is big stuff people. Nate is faux swimming/almost drowning like a pro also. Pictures will be captured and posted soon.

Here is the other stuff we have been up to…

Hanging out at Mimi and Poppy's house.

Philbrook Family Fun Day. The kids LOVED it. We did a scavenger hunt and two art projects. Mike and I loved it too. We will definitely be making it a monthly outing.

I forced my children to give me birthday kisses.

The Kiddie Park in Bartlesville.

Mimi and Poppy with the kids.... What kind of mom lets her kids eat sno cones at 9 pm? A super smart kind.

Even the great grandparents can't resist the Kiddie Park.

Since our children are gifted they completed the summer reading program at the library on the first official day of summer. (PS Nate is really into picking out his own shoes right now. So don't judge me.)

Have I mentioned that I love summer? Well, I do. I am plotting ways to enjoy winter more. Yes, it is only June and I am trying to pep myself up for the winter months.

SSSSSSSSoccer Star

May 28, 2011

For some reason Scott decided to had my lap top to Nate, for some reason Nate decided to carry it down the hallway, some how in the process the “S” key was ripped off my key board. SSSSSSooooo, this will be a picture post. (I can technically still type, but you have to press really hard on the little “s” button and it is annoying and FYI “s” is a frequently used letter.)

The Dinosaur Dragons after the last game


Scott receiving the MVP medal from Coach Jason


Oh... wait, every one got one ;).

The team mascot being grumpalicious.

I, for some reason have no good action shots! I will be stalking the other parents soon….


May 14, 2011

Nate is obsessed with hiding...But doesn't totally get it. It goes like this... "Where did Nate go?" "I'm in here!" "Hummm, is Nate under the bed..." "No, I'm in here!"

Hiking at Turkey Mountain.

Team soccer pictures. They were hilarious and I will be dedicating an entire blog to them soon. And yes, that is Assistant Coach Mike Lyon.

Ev and Ryan came in town.

For Mother's Day, Scott told Mike that he was going to clean the play room for me because he knew it would make me happy. He did it 100% on his own. I cried. I might have scared him a little when I was squeezing him and crying.

We busted out the swimsuits! Woohoo!

Happy Summer Birthday(s) Party at school. That morning before school, Scott told me that he was NOT going to wear a birthday crown. When Mrs. Lee plopped it on his head, he looked at me with his SAVE ME eyes but I just snapped some pics and smiled.

Mike perfected his model pose.

The Lyon’s Do The Last Week in April

1. We partied like we were 30 0r 29 or 31 on a double date night with Daniel and Lauren. We learned that Bakers Street Pub is an English pub by day and an over 30 dance club by night.

2.We celebrated Easter. Did I get any pics of the kids with their grandparents? Did I get any pics of my kids with their GREAT grandparents? Cousins? A family shot of the 4 of us? Of course not. Why would I ever want those keepsakes? I did get a couple of horrible ones of the kids egg hunting. Are they wearing cute Easter outfits? Of course not. Why in the world would I remember to do that? We didn’t even dye eggs until Easter night and I only had 7 eggs left to dye and 2 of them exploded. I really fell behind on my Easterly duties this year.

Classic Nate

Classic Scott

"Wow Mom, 5 whole eggs?! How exciting!"

3. We went to a kids concert at Connor’s Cove with friends on Tuesday morning. It was so fun, I seriously need to do more things like that with the kids. They have fun, you have fun (and get a good ab work out, is there anything more hilarious than a group of little kids dancing and attempting to clap on beat?), plus you get extra stay at home mom points for doing something cultural. The hilite of the concert for me was when he did a song about a caterpillar in a cocoon that turns into a butterfly and all the kids got into a little cocoon ball and then popped out. Nate didn’t realize that he was supposed to pop and spent the entire first half of the song laying face down on the floor while little dancers dodged him.

4. I love it when Scott tells me stories. Real stories about his day. Half the time I have to focus on either not cracking up (he takes his stories seriously) or not getting teary eyed because I love him so much.

What follows is the conversation we had this morning.

I was in the kitchen watching the kids jump on the trampoline and Scott kept slamming Nate down and yelling, “Stand up and do it again!” and Nate would pop back up and start attacking. I went outside to intervine…

Me: Nate are you having fun? This is looking a little intense.

Scott: I am training Nate to be tougher.

Nate: Yea, I’m gonna be tougher.

Scott: Mom, this is how it happened….

I asked Nate, “Do you want to be a baby or do you want to be tough?”
Nate said, “I want to be tough.”

So I said, “You are going to have to train hard. Can you do that?”
Nate said,  “Yes.”

So then I said, “Nate, I am going to have to kick you and hit you and slam you down.”

Nate told me it was okay.

I told Nate he would probably get hurt.  

He said it was okay.

So I said, “Well then, Let’s Do This.”

Scott is wise beyond his years. And a little militant.

5. Scott has his FIRST LOOSE TOOTH! Mike and I both started screaming and hugging him, we were so excited. He is excited because he thinks the tooth fairy will bring him WHATEVER he asks for. He plans on asking for $50,8063.

6. Nate’s favorite word is poop. Oh wait… it has been his favorite word for about 3 months.

Toe Nails

April 28, 2011

There is a wonderful children’s book called “Spoon“. It is about a little spoon that wishes he was more daring like a knife and more exotic like the chopsticks. His wise spoon mom points out all the great things he gets to do like dive into a bowl of ice cream and twirl around a cup of hot tea and then asks little spoon,”I wonder if you realize just how lucky you are?” Then you see the knife watching spoon and saying, “I wish I could be more care free like spoon” and the fork and the chopsticks all have their version of why spoon’s life is so wonderful.

For me lately it has been about toe nails. Yes, I am THAT deep. It is spring, sandals are every where and for some reason, I never remember, I never have time, I don’t know why, but my pedicure (or lack of)  is always chipping, my toes are always out of shape, I usually have some sort of blister or ugly malfunction from running some where on my foot. I leave the house feeling some what pulled together and then all I see are everyone else’s sparkling toe nails. I make a mental note to schedule a pedicure or at least do some at home toe therapy and then I blink and totally forget.

It is silly and it is stupid but my point is, if it wasn’t my toe nails, it would be something else. It is always something.

My life is pretty wonderful. Yea, my toe nails look crappy but my life is really wonderful. Sometimes I just need to refocus and remember.


PS I now feel like every one of you that I run into will be staring at my toe nails. It’s ok, soak it in.

Eye Contact

March 17, 2011

One of the things I love about getting older is how my views and opinions shape and form to become more mine. I feel like every year I become more and more me. Things I thought to be important and held close slowly begin to change, in a good way. I care less and less about who thinks what about me and more how I think about myself.

As I get older, things also get more real. Friends lose parents. Friends get cancer. Friends lose babies. Friends have babies who have cancer. Friends get divorced. Friends face infertility, job loss, infidelity, and uncertainty about everything they knew to be true. I think these things can either cause you to turn away and be thankful you aren’t that person or face them full on and feel the pain along with them. I would definitely say I have been more of a turn away type person in the past. It is easier that way. It is easier not to ask “how are you” because you might not like the answer. But then it starts getting closer to you. It isn’t just that friend of a friend of a friend. All of the sudden it is your best friend. It is the mom in your mom’s group that has a two year old that has completed chemo. It is the strong beautiful women you know that are raising children while fighting for their lives. I don’t know if I am getting older or cancer is getting much younger. It becomes harder to tsk and say, “That poor family.” I am not perfect, but I have tried to start to face these life altering moments with the people I know head on. To bring dinner, to say a prayer, to hold a hand, to tell a beautiful woman that she is still so beautiful.

Everyone goes through stuff, and when it is my turn, I want people to ask me how I am.