A Perfect 10

August 9, 2011

Okay, so it hasn’t been perfect but there is no one else I would have rather spent it with.
I love that you set your out of office response as this:

I love that you make me laugh every day. I know our family is your first priority. And I appreciate all the ways that you show me. I am thankful that you ask for and respect my opinion. I feel lucky that date night is just as much fun now as it was 10 years ago.

You have the most generous and caring heart I have ever known.You are slow to judge and quick to forgive. And I love doing all the boring stuff with you. All that stuff that makes up life. You make it worth it.

I love you. Thank you for marrying me 10 years ago.

Happy Anniversary.


SSSSSSSSoccer Star

May 28, 2011

For some reason Scott decided to had my lap top to Nate, for some reason Nate decided to carry it down the hallway, some how in the process the “S” key was ripped off my key board. SSSSSSooooo, this will be a picture post. (I can technically still type, but you have to press really hard on the little “s” button and it is annoying and FYI “s” is a frequently used letter.)

The Dinosaur Dragons after the last game


Scott receiving the MVP medal from Coach Jason


Oh... wait, every one got one ;).

The team mascot being grumpalicious.

I, for some reason have no good action shots! I will be stalking the other parents soon….


May 14, 2011

Nate is obsessed with hiding...But doesn't totally get it. It goes like this... "Where did Nate go?" "I'm in here!" "Hummm, is Nate under the bed..." "No, I'm in here!"

Hiking at Turkey Mountain.

Team soccer pictures. They were hilarious and I will be dedicating an entire blog to them soon. And yes, that is Assistant Coach Mike Lyon.

Ev and Ryan came in town.

For Mother's Day, Scott told Mike that he was going to clean the play room for me because he knew it would make me happy. He did it 100% on his own. I cried. I might have scared him a little when I was squeezing him and crying.

We busted out the swimsuits! Woohoo!

Happy Summer Birthday(s) Party at school. That morning before school, Scott told me that he was NOT going to wear a birthday crown. When Mrs. Lee plopped it on his head, he looked at me with his SAVE ME eyes but I just snapped some pics and smiled.

Mike perfected his model pose.

The Lyon’s Do The Last Week in April

1. We partied like we were 30 0r 29 or 31 on a double date night with Daniel and Lauren. We learned that Bakers Street Pub is an English pub by day and an over 30 dance club by night.

2.We celebrated Easter. Did I get any pics of the kids with their grandparents? Did I get any pics of my kids with their GREAT grandparents? Cousins? A family shot of the 4 of us? Of course not. Why would I ever want those keepsakes? I did get a couple of horrible ones of the kids egg hunting. Are they wearing cute Easter outfits? Of course not. Why in the world would I remember to do that? We didn’t even dye eggs until Easter night and I only had 7 eggs left to dye and 2 of them exploded. I really fell behind on my Easterly duties this year.

Classic Nate

Classic Scott

"Wow Mom, 5 whole eggs?! How exciting!"

3. We went to a kids concert at Connor’s Cove with friends on Tuesday morning. It was so fun, I seriously need to do more things like that with the kids. They have fun, you have fun (and get a good ab work out, is there anything more hilarious than a group of little kids dancing and attempting to clap on beat?), plus you get extra stay at home mom points for doing something cultural. The hilite of the concert for me was when he did a song about a caterpillar in a cocoon that turns into a butterfly and all the kids got into a little cocoon ball and then popped out. Nate didn’t realize that he was supposed to pop and spent the entire first half of the song laying face down on the floor while little dancers dodged him.

4. I love it when Scott tells me stories. Real stories about his day. Half the time I have to focus on either not cracking up (he takes his stories seriously) or not getting teary eyed because I love him so much.

What follows is the conversation we had this morning.

I was in the kitchen watching the kids jump on the trampoline and Scott kept slamming Nate down and yelling, “Stand up and do it again!” and Nate would pop back up and start attacking. I went outside to intervine…

Me: Nate are you having fun? This is looking a little intense.

Scott: I am training Nate to be tougher.

Nate: Yea, I’m gonna be tougher.

Scott: Mom, this is how it happened….

I asked Nate, “Do you want to be a baby or do you want to be tough?”
Nate said, “I want to be tough.”

So I said, “You are going to have to train hard. Can you do that?”
Nate said,  “Yes.”

So then I said, “Nate, I am going to have to kick you and hit you and slam you down.”

Nate told me it was okay.

I told Nate he would probably get hurt.  

He said it was okay.

So I said, “Well then, Let’s Do This.”

Scott is wise beyond his years. And a little militant.

5. Scott has his FIRST LOOSE TOOTH! Mike and I both started screaming and hugging him, we were so excited. He is excited because he thinks the tooth fairy will bring him WHATEVER he asks for. He plans on asking for $50,8063.

6. Nate’s favorite word is poop. Oh wait… it has been his favorite word for about 3 months.

Still In The Game

March 9, 2011

The only reason I am posting today is because of my New Year’s Resolutions.

(I am basically just saying that so you can lower your expectations before you even continue)

(Actually, my kids are pretty cute….)

(So are my friend’s kids)

You know with your first kid how you consciously try to make friends for your kids to play with (or actually you are going crazy so you make some friends that have kids the same age as your kid so you can “let the kids play”). It’s not the same for the second kid. Poor Nate, he only has about two friends that are actually not Scott’s friends that Nate just claims. It is one of those things that I feel bad about, I try to do better, but same motivation isn’t there. This is one of Nate’s good buddies….

Jackson and Nate.

Scott and Mike had a blast snowboarding (if I had any idea how to put a video on my blog, I totally would). Here are my favorite pics they brought back…


The group. Mike, Scott, Easton, and Michael aka Dr. Juicy (he came back with that nickname for reasons that I don't even want to know about.)

PHEW. I am still in the NYR game.

NO Girls Allowed

March 3, 2011

The First Ever Lyon Boy’s Weekend

(minus the littlest boy)

Mike and Scott left on their first boy’s only snowboarding trip last night.

Tough Guys

They have both been counting down the days.

The official airport send off.

I will be forced to have this guy all to myself:

A couple more years little guy

I promised myself that this would be happy, not emotional, but I have to say:

1. Mike, you are amazing. Thank you for loving your boys so much. The memories that you are creating are irreplaceable.

2. Scott, when did you become old enough to go on a trip with out ME! Love you.

(I felt like list form would help me not get to sappy.)

I can’t wait until we have family snowboarding trips. Although I have been informed there will still be yearly boys only trips. To which I sigh and look sad and inwardly begin planning a spa weekend.

PS I really wish I had Mike’s snow boarding bum day pics scanned. I will post them someday. They are awesome.


Little White Lies

February 14, 2011

10 years ago today I ditched the guy I was actually dating to hang out with Mike. I remember saying to Mike, “I just am not ready for the commitment of going out with him for Valentine’s Day… I mean that means you are like REALLY dating.” To which my good friend Mike replied, “Just come hang out with me, I’ll make you spaghetti.” I called the guy at 3 o’clock in the afternoon to tell him I wasn’t feeling well. He showed up at my apartment with a huge bouquet of flowers that he had already bought. I am not a liar, I am not even a little white liar. I am tell the truth whether or not it hurts kinda girl.  But I totally wrapped up in a blanket and tried to look sickly when I answered the door. The day after Valentine’s Day I told him the truth and broke up with him. Six weeks later Mike and I were engaged and five months later we were married.  The best little white lie ever.

Let’s Eat

Okay, before we move on to this week’s food, can we just chat a bit about how gross my food from last week was…. The Chinese Cheese Burgers=Gross. What the what was I thinking? They got great reviews on allrecipes.com, I followed said recipe and they were bad news ballet. The Chipotle Orange Taco’s from the pioneer woman’s site= also Gross and also got great reviews. They were tolerable, but I repeat do NOT make the Chinese Cheese Burgers.

On a good note, the Egg Drop Soup was so good and so easy and felt super fancy to make. I also ended up making Sloppy Joe’s from a Whole Foods seasoning mix on leftover night, since we obviously weren’t eating anything I had already made and they were great!

Monday: Valentine Dinner with the kids… Spaghetti (Mike’s favorite) Crab Legs (Scott’s favorite) Bread (Nate’s Favorite) Dessert (My favorite)

Tuesday: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup

Wednesday: Blackened Mahi Mahi, Rice, Veggies (didn’t end up making the other week)

Thursday: Grilling out Kabobs it is going to be 74 degrees!

Friday: Out

Saturday: Date Night

Sunday: Pizza Movie Night

PS This is a pic of our Sunday night Valentine Calazone Movie Night… Impressive, No?  

Valentine Calazone