Weekend Pony (Nate Style)

September 20, 2012

This is the first year that Nate has had one of Scott’s teachers and it is so weird! I love how two little people can be raised in the same home with the same parents and be their own. Weekend pony is awesome. He gets to come home for the weekend and you write down everything you did in the Weekend Pony journal and share it with the class on Monday. Scott was obsessed with taking Weekend Pony everywhere. Nate didn’t want him to get hurt so he let him take naps in his room all weekend. I think his caregiver fear was brought on by an emergency fur cut we had to give Weekend Pony after he magically got gum stuck in his mane with in hours of being in the Lyon home. It was SHOCKING and is still mystery as to how it happened in the car…in Nate’s lap….while Nate was chewing gum. A mystery.

PS Weekend Pony’s actual name is Lightening. Nate’s class renamed him Lightening Thunder. Nate later renamed him Fire Thunder. I just stuck with Weekend Pony to try and bring some¬†consistency¬†to the poor pony’s life.

We love you Weekend Pony!


Nate loves turtles?

November 15, 2011



Nate’s teacher interviewed all the kiddos and compiled a book and each child gets to take the book home for a weekend and read about the class with their family. I love this kind of stuff it is always adorably hilarious.

PS Nate HATES rest time. His favorite food is pizza. I have never ever seen him pretend to be a tiger. I will give him the zebra because I don’t actually know his favorite animal and we have never talked about turtles.