The Pink Watch

June 17, 2009

My birthday was perfect. The best one I have had in a long long time. Maybe even the best one I have had since I turned sixteen and the Baby Blue Bronco Two entered my life.

Birthdays are not a big deal to Mike, so it has taken years of intense training (and by training, I mean annoying nagging and many disappointed faces.) BUT this year, he got it. The entire weekend was all about me.

My family, on the other hand,  has always made a huge deal about birthdays (I have had a total of 4 surprise parties, one of them was given by Bethany). I was surprised every time. This year, my parents kept BOTH boys over night (Nate’s first sleep over!) which was a big enough present, then they “helped” Scott plan a party for me, which included my favorite cake, party hats and princess plates. They made lunch and picked out perfect and thoughtful presents. I ended my birthday weekend feeling very appreciated and special.

My birthday kick off on Saturday was to pick out a new running watch from Scott and Nate. I lost my watch around January and have been timing my runs on my ipod because I just knew the watch would turn up…. (this is why I don’t buy fancy things, I lose them.) Mike walked around with Scott while I pondered over watches. When he came back, I had a pink Nike watch out that I was pretty sure was the one. When Mike saw it he said, “You don’t want to pick pink, that’s too girly.”

Me: I am a girl.

Mike: But you don’t want to look girly when you are running. You want to look hardcore.

Me: Actually, I want to look girly.

Mike: No, you will get sick of having a pink watch. Pick the black one or the black one with pink detail.

Me: (to the sales guy) Okay, may I please see the black one and the black one with pink detail also?

Sales Guy Inner Monologue: Seriously lady. Just pick a watch. You have already seen like every one we carry. And you keep asking me questions. Like I have all the watch facts memorized. Man, when is it my smoke break.

Me: The black and pink one reminds me of the eighties. Uuummmmm. (inner monologue: I really want the all pink one. But what if Mike is right… am I going to get sick of it? No! Cori, go with your gut. But now I am questioning my choice, maybe I should just get the all black one)

This inner monologue continued for about 8 minutes (if I already had a watch at this point, I could have timed it, but then there would be no story.)

Sales Guy Inner Monologue: I am seriously way to stoned to dealing with this lady.

Me: I am getting the pink one. It is the one I want.

Mike: Are you sure?

Me: I am sure.

I am not shy and I don’t have any problem speaking my mind, but I think sometimes I let peoples opinions and expectations of me determine my final choice. It is so hard to fight that those mom expectations. What sport is your kid in? Why isn’t Scott in preschool yet? Why is your child having a rage out??? Nate isn’t sleeping through the night yet? What church do you go too? Come here at this time, go here and buy this, pick this watch over that watch. Sometimes it just feels easier to do what everyone else expects me to do, instead of explaining or arguing or worst of all, letting someone down.

I should point out, I don’t feel judged by others. It is more that their comments and questions cause me to question my choices.

I never used to feel like this. I pretty much made all my own choices with very little input from others (or care at what others thought). I am working on getting back there.

So, cheers to my girly pink watch. Every time I look at it I smile.

*Side Note: There was much more to my birthday from Mike. And yes, he is bossy. We both are.