Redbox Rental Rage

May 30, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. I think I am allergic to my toothpaste. Every time I brush, my tongue feels kind of numb and itchy, and yet, I have yet to go buy a new toothpaste.

2. The house across the street from us (well, horizontally across, caddy corner if you will) is for sale for $392,000!!! If you have ever been to my house, you know how insane that is. Insane in the membrane. This neighborhood is so weird. The house next door to us is basically at meth lab status and would probably sell for $100,000 (and that is only because someone would want the lot). And the house next door to meth lab is brand new and listed at $592,000. Then our house (we are renting) was bought a couple of years ago for around $130,000. It is all a little much.

*Edit: The sign is now out of her yard, so she must have realized when everyone who called laughed at her, that it was a little crazy.

3. I have decided to coin a term Redbox Rental Rage. I understand that the movies are only a dollar so you have to deal with some inconvenience. But people, come on. There is a huge line and the people at the box are going through movie by movie, discussing, reading reviews, discussing, starting a new search, discussing. All I have to do is return a rental, but still, I have to stand in line. It makes me get all itchy just thinking about it. Redbox Rental Rage.

4. Riverside has but up bat houses! Go Tulsa! Get your green on!

5. I am glad swim lessons are over.

6. How to make sushi! We made it and it was a success. We only made safe sushi, with crab and smoked salmon, nothing raw yet, that still makes me a little nervous. (Thanks Martha and Jeremy for the tutorial!)

What did you learn this week?