Learning Curve

April 11, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. Blue Cross Blue Shield has awesome on hold music. AT&T has horrible on hold music.

2. You should always always always keep the lid on the blender while blending a green smoothie. I learned this the hard way. (green all over my face, shirt, ceiling, cabinets….I am not exaggerating, I couldn’t open my eyes until I felt my way to the sink and washed my face off)

3. Nate has developed the cutest case of bedhead in Tulsa County (maybe world wide).

4. People who run in packs are annoying (you know who you are Fleet Feeters). I was being forced off the path onto the grass so the pack could run five across and a gazillion deep. BUT I learned that if you are passing them and keep screaming “On your left” over and over through the pack, they will move (for some reason running in a pack gives the illusion of speed and they never seem to think that anyone could ever run faster than them). I also learned that if you are facing them head on and play chicken, they will give. (I decided that I would move over to my side and look straight ahead but I would not move, even if it resulted in a collision…I won.)

5. My kids do not wake up if I sneak in their room at night to put the laundry away. This makes me very happy. For some reason I can never seem to get the laundry put away while they are up, thus resulting in an overflowing basket of clean clothes.

6. 30 Rock and The Office were both tied for my favorite show, but 30 Rock is now in the lead.

7. ALWAYS look behind you before, ahem, passing gas while running or it might result in an embarrassing moment. (unless of course The Pack Runners are behind you, then by all means….)

What did you learn this week?