Lazy Laundry

December 13, 2011

If you leave a huge pile of laundry on the floor long enough, it becomes a toy! See, I totally did that on purpose….







All of the sudden Scott is a too cool six year old. It began over Thanksgiving break…

Humiliation Scene #1

Tootsie Roll came on the radio and OF COURSE Mike and I turned it up and started dancing. Scott is in the back yelling, “People are going to start staring at you.” “Seriously, they are going to STARE. Seriously guys, they will stare because you are being weird.”

So OF COURSE, we turn it up louder and OF COURSE we pull in to the parking lot of the movie theater and Mike rolls all the windows down, turns it up louder and gets out of the car and starts dancing. Actually, I was a little embarrassed by Mike’s roger rabbit, but I went with it.

Humiliation Scene #2

I was going running after I took Scott to school on Thursday so I was wearing my running clothes when I dropped him off (like 95% of  the other moms dropping off)… While getting out of the car:

Scott: What are you wearing?

Me: Ummm, my running clothes (that you have seen me in a million times)

Scott: Are you wearing those into school?

Me: Ummm, well, I am dropping you off while wearing them sooooo…. Is something wrong?

Scott: (audible sigh and eye roll) It’s just a little weird.

Me: Oh babe… I hate to tell you this, but if you are embarrassed by running clothes, you have a LONG road of humiliation in store for yourself.

Scott: (looking at me like I really am weird)

Me: (looking at Scott like I know I am weird and couldn’t care less)

Scene #3

I got bored while Mike was out of town last week and decided to cut some bangs one night. The next morning…

Scott: What is going on with your hair?

Me: I cut it. Do you like?

Scott: It’s a little weird.

Me: Thank you.

Scott: I mean… you kind of look like a teenager… but a weird one.

Me: All I heard was I look like a teenager.

Scott: Uhhhhh.

In the words of my friend Carissa Miller (while cracking up), “If he is going to be a kid that gets embarrassed easily, he was definitely born to the wrong parents!”

I love you Scott. I apologize in advance for all the embarrassing moments in your future.

A picture of your adorableness that you will find embarrassing in the future. PS I have TONS embarrassing pics that I will bust out at any given moment.