Things I learned this week:

1. Having toys truly organized and not just “put away” really does make me more peaceful.

2. Going to the zoo on national field trip day will strip away all the peace you obtained from your organized toys.

3. How to control rage-outs!

4. Books on CD will keep a child in their room at rest time. (so will the reward of getting to watch TV when rest time is over….I like to have options….)

5. The first time your 9 month old shreds a roll of toilet paper is an “oops” moment. The second time they do it, it is a “duh” moment. The THIRD time they do it, you are an idiot.

6. How to love logically. Some of that book is a little much for me, but all in all, it seems to be going well.

7. Sticking to my food budget is harder than I thought it would be.

8. Taquitos at Wild Fork have no suitable subsitute.

9. I am really lucky to have my husband.

What did you learn this week?