Glazed Over

May 19, 2009

So I have been watching a lot of TV lately. Like, a lot. Usually we watch The Office, 30 Rock, occasionally we throw in a How I Met Your Mother, and I love Bones (will Booth and Brennan ever declare their love for each other?). So, some TV, but not tons. In the last week, Hulu has become my close friend. So far, I have watched the Bones finale, then my mom said Castle was pretty good, so I watched 5 episodes, then Richard told me he started huluing Lie to Me, so I watched 5 episodes of that, this is on top of 3 episodes of Chuck (I still have one to go). I can’t stop. I have seen the same commercial for Intel fifty hundred million times. It doesn’t even make me smile anymore. But still, I press on.

I think I am bored. Not bored like I-don’t-have-anything-to-do bored, but like I-have-tons-of-stuff-to-do-don’t-want-to-do-it bored. The kind of blah where I feel myself slouching and think to myself, “I need to seriously work on my posture…oh well, I will start tomorrow.” Laundry-bleh. Cooking-ugh. Budget-don’t get me started. I don’t even feel like making my green smoothies (this is serious people). I think if I had a job that actually had vacation days, I would totally cash some in.

The weird part is, I totally don’t feel guilty. It has been great. My house is kinda gross, our laundry is done enough, I don’t plan on cooking this week (check out my menu plan monday- HA!). Mike keeps trying to pawn off these annoying little chores on me and I have started saying, “Um, no, can’t, don’t have time.” I am taking a time out. (I will continue to green smoothie, I do feel guilty about that.) I am enjoying cookie dough. Hanging with the kids. And that is about it.

I am sure in the next week or so, I will snap out of it, but until then, I am making sure my laptop is charged.

(As I re read this, I think it sounds like I am depressed, I promise I am not. We all know who depression hurts.)

(Also, if anyone has any show suggestions for me…bring it on.)