What I learned the last TWO weeks: (I decided not to learn anything last week in honor of girls weekend!)

1. Weaning hurts. Much more so this time around than last. I am finished nursing FOREVER. I am so happy to be able to say that.

2. Cleaning poop out of a bath tub triggers my gag reflex more than cleaning up pukers. It was disgusting. (note to self: do not feed Nate handfuls of dried berries the afternoon of bath night.)

3. Cream cheese is not freezable! It gets all crumbly.

4. There is a part of the masons called Job’s Daughters. You have to be in the blood line of a mason to become one. They have their own pageants and everything. We tried to find out more details, but it is all a little sketchy. Let’s just say, they are required to wear white robes to a ceremony once a week. A “ceremony”. Sppoookkky.

*If you happen to be a Job’s Daughter, please do not be offended. I am only relaying what I learned during cocktail hour at the Embassy Suites. I came across these facts by careful observation of your clan with three of my close associates and through numerous interviews with members of your sect.

5. Ebay is a wonderful place to score cloth napkins. I got two sets for an awesome price.

6. The new Old School Bagel Cafe on Brookside is as delicious as I predicted. I will be walking there frequently.

7. You know you are a mom (okay, maybe a dorky mom) when getting new MATCHING car seats makes you giddy.

8. I learned more about living a purposeful life from the movie UP than I have from any book I have read in a long time. It is wonderful. Even if you don’t have kids…you will think it is wonderful.

9. Every local car commercial here features the owners daughter. What is up with that? (and they all have blond hair)

10. My favorite color is still pink.

11. The section of the blog where you put the blogs you follow….has disappeared from my blog. Sigh, I sure with I knew someone who could help me out with these darned interwebs. Someone like, I don’t know… my husband…. sure wish I lived with someone who could help me. Sigh.

12. My laptop needs to be seriously detailed. It is gross. Is there somewhere that does that sort of thing?

13. I wish every weekend was my birthday weekend. (don’t tell me it wouldn’t be special if it was always my birthday weekend, I don’t buy that.)

14. I think 29 is going to be my best year ever. I can already feel the fabulousness oozing from it and my birthday isn’t even until tomorrow.

What did you learn this week? Or the last two weeks?