Katie Too

March 15, 2010

I feel like I have been on a life hiatus. Evie came in town last week somewhat last minute and was here Monday-Friday. It was, of course, so wonderful to see her and it, of course, flew by.

PS Thanks for feeding us all week Mom!

BUT before she got here… Look what I did!!!!

My first crafty project! The Pom Pom flowers turned out pretty cute. I think I made the poms a little big or maybe the sticks were a little to small, either way, they are a little out of proportion, but pretty cute! Next up embroidery….

THEN we took a 36 hr trip to KC to go to one of my very best friends baby shower and stayed at Great Wolf Lodge with the family of another best friend. At the shower we went around and introduced our selves, I got to say, that Bethany had been my friend for 18 years. First of all, I am old. Second of all, who has the same best friend for EIGHTEEN YEARS?! I was also teary eyed because this pregnancy has had it’s ups and downs and to see her healthy and happy brings joy to my heart. I got teary eyed because for the last eighteen years we have been by each others sides for the big events of life and this was one of the many (and her Kansas City friends are wonderful!). Then I got teary eyed after we got home from the trip thinking about another wonderful friend that has been dear to my heart for 11 years. Lifeguarding at Southern Hills in our classy (and by classy, I mean really two shades of shiny blue with a mesh strip between the boobs) Miss Jackson’s swim suits…fast forward eleven years…. Hanging out at Great Wolf with our husbands and a total of 5 kids in a swim suits from the Target sales rack. My how life changes…

We got back in town and 1 1/2 hour later guess who came to live with us?!?!

Only the cutest little boxer baby ever! Katie. Oh sweet Katie Too. She is a gem. She is four years old, loves the kids, has had no accidents and doesn’t get on furniture. We love her. She won’t even eat treats of the kids hands, she waits for them to set the treat down and the gobbles it up. We are all obsessed and she even has Mike baby talkin’ to her! We adopted her from Tulsa Boxer Rescue, if you are looking for a new dog go to them! We researched breeds and boxers are supposed to be the best with kids, shed the least, and be all around wonderful. They are very honest about the dogs personalities and truly want to get your family matched with the perfect dog. More pictures to come!

Well… I actually missed cooking last week. I know! I don’t even know myself! I think I am getting more homemakery as the years go by. I started out married life never cooking or cooking really bad burnt stuff (Mike, remember the fried eggplant?!) and having the nickname Hurricane. I would like to think I have improved, at least a little! I haven’t made it to the store yet because Katie’s crate didn’t arrive until late this afternoon and for the first time, I was able to look around the pantry and actually put together a decent dinner. I mean a real dinner, not eggs and pancakes which is usually my stand by. Do I sound like I am bragging? WELL I AM! I was pretty proud of myself.

Monday: Spanish Chicken Rice Bake

Tuesday: Broiled Tilapia Parmesan with some veg

Wednesday: Chimichangas (it isn’t Irish, but it is a different culture… does that count for something?) with salad

Thursday: Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken (I think I am going to serve with noodles instead of rice) and broccoli

Friday: Grill out Burgers and Veggies (I love the weather!)

Saturday: Grilled Bagel Sandwiches (everything bagels, turkey pastrami, guac, cheese and put on the George) with salad

Sunday: Leftovers

Phew… This took me a long time!



October 25, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. Little kid cowboy boots are expensive! (and I am to cheap to buy them for a Halloween costume!)

2. Okay, I am just going to come out and say this. Don’t beat me up. I think the new Target (in Tulsa) that everyone is gaga over is not so cool. Maybe I had really high expectations because everyone I talk to is freaking out about it, but it is dark, the ceilings are low, the floor is ugly, and the red they have everywhere is claustrophobic. There, I said it.

3. As hard as I try, I can never spell “definitely” without having to use spell check.

4. This is more of a question… Is Facebook different or am I going crazy?

5. I don’t really even like candy corn that much, but as long as it is in my house, I will eat it. Eat, eat, eat and then after I feel disgusting I think, “Why did I just waste all those calories on something I don’t even like!” I think I have issues, as this has happened several times in the last week.

6. The oven in our house is the original oven from the 1950’s and it is the best oven I have ever used. It cooks everything in like double time and my cookies from this house are the best ones yet.

7. It pains me to say this, but I think my dog dream is on hold for a while. We had a meet and greet with an awesome dog from Tulsa Boxer Rescue… but she is not the one. I am taking a step back and seeing where our dog hunt leads.

8. There was/is (I think she was only in one episode) a dino on that new show Dinosaur Train on PBS that was a GIRL named Cori (or Corey or Cory or Kori). I was so excited!

9. I already miss summer. I miss no school, I miss the pool, I miss the heat and the sun and the clothes.

10. Nate is such a good grunter, I am not sure if he will ever talk. He has also really started to like reading, I love that.

11. Cold weather makes me miss my family. Yes, I live down the street from my parents, but it still makes me home sick for some reason.

12. My hair is bugging me. Brace yourself…. BUT…. I think I might actually have to start FIXING IT. The horror.

What did you learn this week?