Happy Face Sad Face

June 7, 2011

Well, I failed for the first time last week on my New Year’s Resolution (actually I might have already been failing because I totally forgot about my “be less bossy” one. ). I jolted awake at 4 am on Sunday thinking, “I FORGOT MY WEEKLY BLOG”. I briefly considered getting up and posting a pic but then I realized that it was already the next week and so I missed my deadline no matter what, so I fell back asleep. To make up for it… I am going to try post twice this week.

Nate has perfected the angry pout face. It is hilarious. But if you laugh at him he rages. Scott on the other hand, couldn’t even make an angry face and kept cracking up. Sometimes technology really bugs me, but I have to say, some of my favorite pics and definitely some of my most favorite videos have been captured on an iPhone.











August 2, 2010

I hope everyone appreciates the enormous amount of strength and self control it took me to pull myself away from Words With Friends to write this. That game is awesome and I like to say it is very educational and that is why I stayed up until 12:30am last night playing… I WAS LEARNING!  AND why and how did I only discover this gem yesterday? I must make up for lost time.

Moving on, so, I did it… I signed up for e mealz (thanks for the suggestion Martha and Maren!) I don’t know if this illegal to say this or not, I found it on the interwebs not through some secret email BUT if you want to sign up, use the coupon code DAVE and save $2.50 off of your $15 for 3 months. I signed up for the regular meal plan. Martha suggested the low carb meal plan because it seems to use healthier ingredients and I may be switching to that. I thought the regular plan might be better for leftovers (less cooking… yes please!) but after getting my week plan, I am not so sure about the recipes…. Part of it might just be a personal problem, one of the recipes was for ” Alfredo Toss” and called for chicken, jar of alfredo sauce,and  penne pasta…. ummm…. is that even considered a recipe?  But I am using it, so maybe it is worth it! Obviously, I think it would be illegal to give out the recipes you are supposed to pay for so I will just put emeal beside the dinner from them (just in case you couldn’t figure that out on your own) (duh).

Monday: Grill Steaks (got steaks last week on super sale and stuck them in freezer) with Corn on Cob and salad

Tuesday: Chicken Dijon, Rice, and Asparagus (emeal)

Wednesday: Alfredo Toss (emeal, but I already gave away the major top secret ingredients) and Salad

Thursday: Grilled Pizza and Raw Veggies or Salad

Friday: Out

Saturday: Dinner at Friends

Sunday: Leftovers

PS If you live in the Tulsa area, the Little Caesars at 51st and Sheridan has hot and ready pepperoni pizzas for $5! A large pizza for $5! No, it’s not healthy. No, it’s not the best pizza ever. But yes, it is $5. That is all and you’re welcome.

PPS/Edit: **** I just was reading my friend Maren’s blog that I mentioned earlier and realized that she recently did a post on the $5 pizza deal, Sooo…..

1. I promise I didn’t copy!

2. Her blog about it much better so check it out here.

3. She doesn’t live in Tulsa so it must be at every Little Caesars!