August 10, 2012

Like every other person, I have been watching the Olympics every night. I know some people have complained about the whole prime time set up, but I love it. I have kids. I have limited time. We tried the whole,” It’s the OLYMPICS kids! Let’s leave the TV on all day and be patriotic and support our team!” It lasted about 3 hours and ended with me getting mad because people NEEDED STUFF while I was trying to focus. The nerve. And Scott running through the house shirtless with a machine gun firing in the air chant screaming, “USA USA USA.” If  we showed you a video of it, you would swear we were raising a terrorist.

Back to my point. As I have watched the incredible awesomeness of the competitors while eating my nightly dessert, I always inevitably turn to Mike and say, “I just… I can’t believe it. How do they work so hard for so many years for one thing?” It is truly amazing. I mean just the abs alone are feat. And I noticed in every interview the athletes always say, ” (insert sport) makes me happy. I LOVE it. I am so happy.” (the exception might be the Russian gymnasts that constantly look like they are about to cry.) It makes me happy that they are happy. To sacrifice so much you would hope you would sacrifice for something that enriches your life and truly brings happiness. Which made me think. Why do we so often make choices that lead us to an end result that will not make us happy? That won’t bring us joy or enrich our lives? Why do I have days that I make little choices that add up and at the end of the day I look back and go UGH? I know I am not perfect. I know I will always have those days. But it just has made me think about what does make me happy. What choices do I need to make everyday to achieve my personal “happiness”? What choices am I making that are pulling me away from where I want to be instead of bringing me closer? I have the same hours in a day as everyone else. We all get to choose how we use those hours.


These people make me pretty happy.


Eye Contact

March 17, 2011

One of the things I love about getting older is how my views and opinions shape and form to become more mine. I feel like every year I become more and more me. Things I thought to be important and held close slowly begin to change, in a good way. I care less and less about who thinks what about me and more how I think about myself.

As I get older, things also get more real. Friends lose parents. Friends get cancer. Friends lose babies. Friends have babies who have cancer. Friends get divorced. Friends face infertility, job loss, infidelity, and uncertainty about everything they knew to be true. I think these things can either cause you to turn away and be thankful you aren’t that person or face them full on and feel the pain along with them. I would definitely say I have been more of a turn away type person in the past. It is easier that way. It is easier not to ask “how are you” because you might not like the answer. But then it starts getting closer to you. It isn’t just that friend of a friend of a friend. All of the sudden it is your best friend. It is the mom in your mom’s group that has a two year old that has completed chemo. It is the strong beautiful women you know that are raising children while fighting for their lives. I don’t know if I am getting older or cancer is getting much younger. It becomes harder to tsk and say, “That poor family.” I am not perfect, but I have tried to start to face these life altering moments with the people I know head on. To bring dinner, to say a prayer, to hold a hand, to tell a beautiful woman that she is still so beautiful.

Everyone goes through stuff, and when it is my turn, I want people to ask me how I am.

Genie in a Bottle

February 2, 2011

The snow blizzard has arrived. Mike is out of town and my biggest fear throughout this blizzard is losing power. Alone. With two little kids. Being literally snowed in. Seriously, trapped. And not knowing how to start a fire. (note to self: learn how to start a fire.)

I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so nervous. Finally at midnight, anxiety ridden, I prayed. I prayed that if God let us get through this without losing power that I would go to church for six months straight. Then I decided that I didn’t want to commit to something I knew I couldn’t do (sick kids, vacations, etc) so I changed it to: Get to church often but if we miss church to watch it online, every week for six months.

Yes, I know I am ridiculous. Yes, I know God is not a genie. Yes, I know God doesn’t bargain like that, and yes, I knew this while I was doing it. Yes, I am that lame.

So far, we haven’t lost power. No, I am not saying the only reason I didn’t lose power was because I committed to church (honestly, I am kind of surprised God didn’t make me lose power and then leave me a message in the snow that said, “Have you not read the verse that says DO NOT TEST GOD”) BUT I am saying, If I make a commitment I follow through.

Tonight I decided to be an overachiever and watch church from last week online because that’s how I roll. I was sitting on my couch crying.

It was about fear. “What we fear the most reveals what we value the most and what we fear the most is also where we trust God the least.” How true is that? My biggest fear is someone hurting my kids. This comes from a lot of different places. A child molesting youth pastor, volunteer work, my pre kids job, child molesting camp counselors and private school teachers. The person most likely to hurt your child is the person you suspect the least. One in three girls will be abused. One in four boys will be abused. I get choked up with fear even thinking about the day my children will start having sleep overs and going to camp and playing sports and being away from me more than they are with me.

I am scared to go to church and be close to God because I am scared that he will test my faith by allowing someone to hurt my children.

It is an issue.

I am not going to go into every detail of what Craig talked about, I won’t explain it right and it will be better to watch yourself. However, I will say, I didn’t realize how deep my fear was. And I don’t want to project my fears onto my children and affect their lives negatively.

The next six months I am going to do more than go through the motions of church. I think I am going to embrace it and run with it and see where it leads me. My goal is to be present, to learn and to apply.

Now to find a church….



February 18, 2010

Since we have been on a church hiatus for the last year or so, last week was the first time I have had communion in at least a year. I forgot how refreshing it is. I grew up in a church that took communion weekly, and I kind of wonder why all churches don’t partake or commune or whatever the word is every week, it is good for the soul.

I love that moment right before you take the bread that your head bows, your eyes close and you get to sigh, knowing it is a new beginning. I love the feeling of a fresh start. I love New Years Resolutions and spring cleaning. I love the freedom in letting go.

No matter your religious views, as people and especially as parents, we all need that fresh start. Maybe I am the only screw ball that needs it once a week, but we all need it. We all need the freedom to know that mistakes are correctable and mindless choices don’t have to determine the entire course of our lives or even our day. I can’t control my friends, my husband, circumstances or even my kids but I can control myself. My reactions, my attitudes, my spirit, my faith. I have to the ability at any time to make amends, ask forgiveness, let go, change a path, and wipe that slate clean.

I needed that reminder this week.

A Little Ditty

January 30, 2010

Things I learned while snowed in:

1. After 36 hours of not leaving the house we get a little crazed out (by we, I mean myself and the kids, where was Mike you ask? OH, he is at Extreme Makeover hanging out with Ty and Gang …. See #3 for my pay back)

We start having converstations like this:

Scott: (for the 20th time) MOOOOOOOOOM! (Nate screaming in the background)

Me: Yes my darling cherished blessings from above. (I really did say that, I was trying not to frizz, Nate had just knocked my coffee all over me, forcing me to change out of my pjs before 1pm)

Scott: Nate bit me.

Me: Nate! No bite! Tell Scott sorry.

Nate: (doing the pitiful face, hugs Scott)

Scott: Nate is slobbering on me.

Me: That is how he shows love, just go with it.

Scott: Ummm, okay

Me: (look over to see Nate laying on top of Scott licking his face)

Scott: (totally grossed out) Ummm,  I guess he loves me a lot.

(Scott later retaliated by kicking Nate in the mouth.)

2. We I also start making up songs to the tune of Jack and Diane. I won’t bore you with the details… What? What is that? You want to hear the song? Well, unfortunately, I don’t have a new iphone with video because, apparently,  there is a price tag on memories. What? OH, it is okay if I just type it out….. Okay! Fine, you don’t have to twist my arm….

Here’s a little ditty about Scott and Naaaate

Two young boys who get to choose their faaate

Get extra bonding since we are snowed in

Glad you have a built in friend

Let it Rock

Let it Roll

We won’t let a snow day, steal our soul

Hold onto preschool as long as you can

Don’t grow up and work for the man

That’s all I got so far…. (and, just so you know, it is much better in person and with dance moves)

3. I love Love it. Free OVERNIGHT shipping. Free return shipping. And that is why my dining room table looks like this….

AND I have another pair on the way. Can you guess which two I am actually keeping? (did I mention FREE return shipping?!)

I will give you a hint….. (this is how I entertained my self while snowed in today, Dress up! *Note Mr. Stripes in the background)

4. 4 year olds do not feel cold when snow is involved. Ever.

5. Nate has started clapping and cheering when something good happens. He was “helping” me with dinner and started cheering and I thought “Ahh, how sweet.” Then I realized why he was cheering….

The roast looks rather gross in the picture, but I assure you, it was delicious!

6. Roasted and Salted Pistachios are addicting and wonderful all rolled into one little shell. (I took a picture of the shells after I was finished chowing and now, looking back, the amount I consumed is rather embarrassing)

7. Nate has also started attacking peoples faces. Which is much less cute and endearing. So far, he has made me, Scott and himself bleed and terrified numerous other children. I have been doing “time out”, he doesn’t care so much. I will say, “Soft hands” and he will pat gently and then I say, “NO grabbing!” and he will shake his head no and grab his own face. SOoooo he gets it, he just doesn’t care. Which is kind of how I feel about cookie dough. I know I will regret shoving 10 cookies worth in my mouth, but in the moment… I just don’t care.

What did you learn this week?

Magic Peas

January 9, 2010

This week was weird. Really weird. School was out because it was COLD. What the what?! The days seemed to creep by but the week flew by. The week in review/Things I learned this week/Basically a hodge podge:

-One vasectomy (everything went well, but I do have a funny story in a second)

-Three stickers on the Bribe Chart and the first reward was obtained!

Making his "reward" (chocolate pretzels) note the tongue of concentration

-Two trips to Target, One really cute lamp shade purchased (it is freezing out, there is nothing else to do besides hang out at Target!)

-Skipped two runs, I can’t handle the treadmill and I can’t handle negative degree weather (however… if you have tips for running in the freezing, let me know… my cut off is 10 degrees). What’s a girl to do?

-Discovered Man vs Wild and the WHOLE family loves it. Scott is now obsessed with knowing what kind of animal he is eating.

The Lyon Men watching Man vs Wild

-One school eliminated from my list of potential canidates

-I have a hair magazine I got before I chopped my hair and I as I was thumbing through it I realized all the people whose hair I like are from Australia

-We have an ant issue! Who has an ant problem in negative degree weather?? Isn’t that one of the benefits of cold… all the creepies die? I know you are thinking, “Man, her kitchen must be really disgusting in order to have ants right now….” I assure you, it is not! I can’t even figure out where they are coming from… Surely it isn’t from the open jar of sugar I keep on the counter at all times…. (just kidding!)

-Okay, so here is one of the hilarious stories that have come from the vasectomy. I think this one gives a little glimpse into our family dynamic:

This morning, when the boys woke up we put them in bed with us and we were all just snuggling and hanging out. Nate was crawling all over us, Scott was tooting under the covers, you know, the usual. All of the sudden, Nate crawled over Mike and jerked his head back and slammed Mike right in the, ahem, vasectomy region. This is the conversation that followed:


Mike: (screaming) CORI!!!!

Me: What?! It isn’t my fault?!?!

Nate: (lies there frozen until I grab him)

Mike: (writhing in pain)

Me: (rolling my eyes in annoyance)

Scott: I know what to do! (runs to the kitchen)

Scott: Here Dad! I got your Magic Peas!

Nate: (still sitting on my lap)

Mike: Oh my gosh. It hurts so bad! It feels like………………………………………………………….(5 minutes later)……………..

Me: Are you going to be okay?

Scott: Nate, you hit dad in his surgery!

Nate: (staring at everyone smiling)

Mike: You just don’t understand, I just need to lay here.

Me: Sigh, come on kids….

It was one of those, not funny but kinda funny moments. Okay, Mike didn’t think it was funny at all.

-Nate has started fake laughing and sounds exactly like Cher

-We had play group at our house and it was a hit (there were a couple of sword smacking incidents, but all in all….)

-Scott has been taking lots of pictures with my camera (several of his shots have been of my booty, which are promptly deleted) here are my top two favorites:

And that folks, was pretty much our week! OH, and the ribs at Elmers are awesome!

Liar Liar

November 14, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. Saying goodbye to someone you love is never easy.

2. The rage outs are back. God help us all. Not as bad as before, so that part is nice.

3. I need some decorating inspiration! Any blogs/sites you recommend? The wall above my couch is cold and lonely.

4. Tots has added some more words to his repertoire! Of course, still no “Mama” but at least he can say “grapes”, I am sure that is more useful any way!

5. In order to maximize getting cable… You have to:

a. Remember to DVR the shows you want to watch.

b. Remember to fast forward through commercials.

6. Rachel Ray lies.

7. I know this is negative, but I am so glad the school year is almost half way over. Sigh.

8. Getting to look forward to date night all week is almost as fun as actual date night. I love anticipation.

9. When you are dreading going home and cleaning, your husband might surprise you!

What did you learn this week?