August 2, 2010

I hope everyone appreciates the enormous amount of strength and self control it took me to pull myself away from Words With Friends to write this. That game is awesome and I like to say it is very educational and that is why I stayed up until 12:30am last night playing… I WAS LEARNING!  AND why and how did I only discover this gem yesterday? I must make up for lost time.

Moving on, so, I did it… I signed up for e mealz (thanks for the suggestion Martha and Maren!) I don’t know if this illegal to say this or not, I found it on the interwebs not through some secret email BUT if you want to sign up, use the coupon code DAVE and save $2.50 off of your $15 for 3 months. I signed up for the regular meal plan. Martha suggested the low carb meal plan because it seems to use healthier ingredients and I may be switching to that. I thought the regular plan might be better for leftovers (less cooking… yes please!) but after getting my week plan, I am not so sure about the recipes…. Part of it might just be a personal problem, one of the recipes was for ” Alfredo Toss” and called for chicken, jar of alfredo sauce,and  penne pasta…. ummm…. is that even considered a recipe?  But I am using it, so maybe it is worth it! Obviously, I think it would be illegal to give out the recipes you are supposed to pay for so I will just put emeal beside the dinner from them (just in case you couldn’t figure that out on your own) (duh).

Monday: Grill Steaks (got steaks last week on super sale and stuck them in freezer) with Corn on Cob and salad

Tuesday: Chicken Dijon, Rice, and Asparagus (emeal)

Wednesday: Alfredo Toss (emeal, but I already gave away the major top secret ingredients) and Salad

Thursday: Grilled Pizza and Raw Veggies or Salad

Friday: Out

Saturday: Dinner at Friends

Sunday: Leftovers

PS If you live in the Tulsa area, the Little Caesars at 51st and Sheridan has hot and ready pepperoni pizzas for $5! A large pizza for $5! No, it’s not healthy. No, it’s not the best pizza ever. But yes, it is $5. That is all and you’re welcome.

PPS/Edit: **** I just was reading my friend Maren’s blog that I mentioned earlier and realized that she recently did a post on the $5 pizza deal, Sooo…..

1. I promise I didn’t copy!

2. Her blog about it much better so check it out here.

3. She doesn’t live in Tulsa so it must be at every Little Caesars!