August 13, 2012

Scott starts school on Friday. Nate starts school the next Friday. Why a Friday? I have no idea. It seems weird. School starting always leaves me with mixed emotions. On one hand, I hate it. I want an eternal summer of lazy days. I want my babies to stay right where they are…forever. On the other hand, I am excited for their new adventure. They are super excited and I am so thankful for that. I mean really, what more could I ask for? I decided I need my own new adventure/challenge/distraction. I am joining a fb challenge group called 90/10 that my ex next door neighbor Heidi in Edmond is starting. It consists of eating 90% of your food from the top two Tiers of Michi’s Ladder and 10% of your food can come from Tiers 3 and 4 and nothing from Tier 5. It is a 60 day challenge that I am excited for! What I LOVE about it is that is isn’t anti carb. I know some people love the Paleo diet but I just can’t handle that. Way to strict for me and to be honest I feel like it is too restrictive to be healthy (TOTALLY my opinion). I tried the low carb/no carb thing for a little while to test out the affects on some health things and gained 4 lbs! Yes, I am the only person in the world that has gained weight while eating no carbs. What the what?!

I know 4 lbs isn’t that big of a deal. I honestly just want a challenge and something to work towards. I am also trying to make certain time on the Tulsa Run this year (that I missed by 56 seconds last year… I’m not bitter, not at all.) I also watched the Olympics and am feeling like if I focus I might have a shot at Rio 2016. I hope I still feel like this after not eating sugar for 20 days and knowing I still have 40 more to go.

And all of that was leading up to me telling you to check out Heidi’s blog for some healthy easy dinner recipes. AND if you are interested in learning more about the 90/10 thing let me know! The more the merrier! (It is based on Shakeology/Beach Body. I am trying out Shakeology for a month, but you DON’T have to in order to do the 90/10 group.)

The group officially starts on Friday, Aug 17th, but I am easing into this week…. And if you see me on Thursday night shoveling a double dip brownie fudge sundae into my mouth, don’t judge. You can laugh…. quietly.


monday- BBQ Chicken w/ grilled veggies

tuesday- French Toast (made with Ezekiel bread) with scrambled eggs and berries

wednesday- blackened salmon with brown rice and veggies

thursday- mexican bowls (brown rice, black beans, salsa, cheese and leftover bbq chicken)

friday- buffalo burgers and sweet potato fries (does Ezekiel make burger buns? To be continued….)

saturday- date night

sunday- homemade pizza night (I am going to try to attempt this recipe for my pizza… Thoughts? Or I might just split a whole pita pocket in half… We will see how daring I feel…)

PS I know there have been several issues with commenting… Sorry! I am working on it.

PPS Actually Mike is working on it. I am going to be setting up the blog on a different site. OH and by “I am setting up…” I mean he is.



August 10, 2012

Like every other person, I have been watching the Olympics every night. I know some people have complained about the whole prime time set up, but I love it. I have kids. I have limited time. We tried the whole,” It’s the OLYMPICS kids! Let’s leave the TV on all day and be patriotic and support our team!” It lasted about 3 hours and ended with me getting mad because people NEEDED STUFF while I was trying to focus. The nerve. And Scott running through the house shirtless with a machine gun firing in the air chant screaming, “USA USA USA.” If  we showed you a video of it, you would swear we were raising a terrorist.

Back to my point. As I have watched the incredible awesomeness of the competitors while eating my nightly dessert, I always inevitably turn to Mike and say, “I just… I can’t believe it. How do they work so hard for so many years for one thing?” It is truly amazing. I mean just the abs alone are feat. And I noticed in every interview the athletes always say, ” (insert sport) makes me happy. I LOVE it. I am so happy.” (the exception might be the Russian gymnasts that constantly look like they are about to cry.) It makes me happy that they are happy. To sacrifice so much you would hope you would sacrifice for something that enriches your life and truly brings happiness. Which made me think. Why do we so often make choices that lead us to an end result that will not make us happy? That won’t bring us joy or enrich our lives? Why do I have days that I make little choices that add up and at the end of the day I look back and go UGH? I know I am not perfect. I know I will always have those days. But it just has made me think about what does make me happy. What choices do I need to make everyday to achieve my personal “happiness”? What choices am I making that are pulling me away from where I want to be instead of bringing me closer? I have the same hours in a day as everyone else. We all get to choose how we use those hours.


These people make me pretty happy.

Kinda Happy Kinda Sad

May 19, 2011

Me: Scott, how do you feel about school almost being out?

Scott: Well, I am kinda happy and I am kinda sad. I am happy because I will get to do lots of fun stuff with you and Nate. I am sad because I will miss my friends.

Me: Me too buddy. I am kinda happy and kinda sad.

It is surreal that tomorrow is his last day of preschool. Forever. I am so excited for summer. I love summer anyway, but this summer feels extra special because in August everything changes. I am kinda happy about the changes and kinda sad. Not to get all Lifetime movieish, but I just want to soak it all in this summer. I don’t want to rush any where. I want to read books all morning, go on adventures in the afternoon, eat dinner as a family, play outside past bedtime and go to bed tired. I feel pretty lucky that those are my main goals for the summer.

I made this list randomly the other day as a things-to-do-when-we-feel-like-we-have-nothing-to-do days. I am on the fence about camping. I could be talked into it….maybe. Same with #4. I KID. I think church has been on my to do list for about 3 yrs. I like to just keep it there constantly taunting me than to actually do something about .

Lastly, this is the most hilarious paragraph to ever be written. I crack up every time I read it to the kids.

I loved 2009. 2008 was the hardest year since Mike and I have been married so we were determined to make 2009 a year of fun, happiness, and priority focusing. And it was.  Our year in review…

Mike started his own business. A dream that he has had for a long time (AND it is doing great!)

Scott dominated his first session at gymnastics.

We moved back to Tulsa. My kids now think my parents house is their second home. We have made some wonderful new friends and have gotten to reconnect with old ones.

We spent the summer at the pool. Scott took swim lessons and was a pro at the diving board by the end of the summer.

We met my mom at Whole Foods every Monday of summer for lunch and grocery shopping.

We got to go to California twice for vacation and see Evyn and Ryan.

Mike actually learned how to have a vacation and relax!

I finished nursing my last baby. (thank goodness!)

Scott started preschool, switched preschools and it is still a constant battle.

Nate started walking and talking grunting and making himself even more dear to our hearts.

We had a double birthday pool party.

Mike and I celebrated being married 8 years.

Mike turned 30!

We made new traditions and clung to old ones.

We celebrated Christmas and Thanksgiving with ones we love and unfortunately, away from others we love.

We kissed Uncle Richard goodbye as he moved to Spain.

I ran 3 races.

And more and more. I am happy to say I did very well on my New June Resolutions from last year! I don’t think I had a family over every single month but most months. Nate now LOVES reading, we pushed through hard stage and came out ahead! Now, on to 2010.

Like I have said before… I love making New Years Resolutions. So here they are….

1. Decide on schooling for Scott. I want to have a decision made by the end of this school year.

2. Continue my cleaning schedule. I really love how organized and on top of things I feel.

3. Take a meal to a family or neighbor once a month. I have come to the realization that at this time in my life, volunteering away from my home and kids isn’t very realistic. So I am trying to think of ways I can give from where I am.

4. Start doing yoga again. I miss it! Nate is just going to have to buck up and deal for an hour (he has issues with child care). I am going to start going to a class on Monday mornings after we drop Scott off at school. I have Nate on the list for this Monday….

Mike and I also made a couple of family goals:

1. Start attending a church regularly and get involved in a small group. We kind of took the year off from organized religion (for many reasons… that is a whole blog in its own). We actually loved the break, but we are ready to jump in again. Honestly, it is mostly for our kids and for the small group support system aspect.

2. We are saying goodbye to the nickname Tots/Totsie. Nate is becoming Nate or Keener. (His full name is Nathan Keener)… We decided if we don’t do it now, he is going to end up being a fourth grader named Tots and that is not cool.

That is it! I am excited about 2010 and the new adventures it will bring. I am excited about turning 30, I shocked that Scott will turn 5, and I am ready to make this year even better than last.

Happy New Year!

New June Resolutions

May 28, 2009

I love making New Year’s Resolutions. I love the fresh start and hopeful spirit it evokes. I set realistic goals and try try try to follow through. I have found, I can’t make more than two or three, if I have to many it is overwhelming and I end up dropping some of them after a month or two. Usually, it is really a habit forming experience (in a good way).

My top 3 favorite resolutions I have ever made are:

1. Remember all close friends and families birthdays and contact them ON TIME. (I am proud to say, I made this one several years ago and am still doing it!)

2. Have my house “drop-in” ready. (this not mean scrubbed clean, but just that if someone came over last minute, I would be okay with it. This was the year Scott was about 5 months old and I was tired of living in newborn chaos.)

3. Not to say anything negative about my body for a year. (This was one was amazing, everytime something negative was on the tip of my tongue, I had to stop myself and change it in my head. It is very true that what you speak has an impact on what you feel.)

This year, I can’t even remember what mine were, sad, but true. I know one of them was to invite a family over for dinner once a month, at which I have already failed miserably. I am totally going to blame the move and having a newborn and, let’s see, nursing, and oh, I don’t know, maybe sleep depravation, but I refuse to say I personally have been the reason, I am sure it is someone or something elses fault.  I am sure of it. Anyways, since I don’t know who or what derailed me and erased my brain, I have decided to make some new resolutions.

I am going to repeat one of my alltimes and add a little twist.

1. Not to say anything negative about my body. The first time I made this one, it was after I had Scott. I think I need to retrain myself again since having Nate. The twist is, to try and replace each negative thought with a positive. Don’t worry, I am not going to get all hippy dippy and say “Love your stretch marks, they are hugs from your baby.” Gag. Nobody loves their stretch marks, and if they say they do, they are lying. I just mean, my body is not perfect and it is never ever going to be. No ones is. The choices are either change it or accept it. I have to the power to exude strength and confidence while hanging out in the baby pool or I have the power to let paranoia make me completely self conscience.

2. I am renewing my vow of inviting a family over once a month. Life has calmed down enough, really there is no excuse not to.

3. Read Nate 3 books a day. (I realize the fact that this has to be a goal is pathetic. I realize it and I accept it. Moving on….)

And that is it. I think I can handle it. Another “goal” that I really wanted to write, is volunteering. By the time 2010 is wrung in I want our family to have found a place to volunteer together once a month, but that is one Mike and I have to work on together. Ahhh. I feel cleansed and renewed already and it isn’t even June yet.

I have a slight obsession with Kristin Armstrong. I think she is wonderful. No, I have never actually met her, but if I lived near her (Austin, TX) I would definitely stalk her.  Not in a scary stalker way, but in a if-she-would-just-get-to-know-me-we-could-be-friends kind of way (I know, still creepy, so I guess it is best that I don’t live by her after all….). She has an amazing running blog that is about so so so much more than just running. She also has an incredible  book.

I really could dedicate an entire blog to the ways that each of her blogs speak to me, but again with the creepy stalker profile…. Anyways, one of her points in her  latest post is finding and pursuing your passion. Which (as her writing always does) spoke right to me. I have been wondering a lot lately what my passion is. I know right now I am wrapped up in being a mom, but I don’t want to become a woman whose identity is so tied to her kids that she forgets who she is and looks in the mirror eighteen years later and doesn’t recognize herself. I love running, but, let’s be honest, I don’t have the time, energy, or desire to train and travel to races right now. I consider myself lucky to get my goal of four runs a week in. I would love to volunteer, but have had a hard time finding something I can do with kids and getting a volunteer coordinator to call me back in general (Gervase if you by some chance are reading this, please call me back, I would love to bring toys home to wash them…) I have tried scrap booking. No, thanks. I have tried getting crafty. Not so much. I am searching.

I feel like I used to know myself better. Pre kids and even pre marriage, when I got to be completely selfish. When I got to pursue my desires on a whim, with out coordinating schedules or feeling guilty for not being home. When I didn’t have to use my “free” time to simply have coffee with a friend. Aaahh, the days of ordering whatever I want at a restaurant with out having to think about splitting it with Scott. Having kids is one of the best decisions I have ever made, but I think I need to start making an extra effort to get to know myself again. I have a couple of passionate ideas, we’ll see…

What are your passions and how do you pursue them? (this is not a rhetorical question, I really would love to know how other people make it happen!)

Hug it out

April 21, 2009

We were lucky enough to meet Richard’s (Mike’s brother) girlfriend this weekend. She is from Spain and is absolutely adorable. She was sweet, funny, and my kids loved her too (the true test!). AND I got to feed her her first homemade chocolate chip cookie (okay I have been staring at the “her her” I just typed and it is bugging me, but I can’t think of how else to say it). I love how so many other cultures attack you with a hug and a kiss from the moment you meet, like you have been friends for years. It immediately puts you in a more comfortable frame of mind.

I have never been a super snuggly person and have gotten even less so since I have had kids. I mean, I am hugging them, holding them, rocking, nursing, kissing boo boos all day, by the end I am feeling a little claustrophobic. BUT I have decided to become a hugger. Andrea has inspired me.

It is a goal. I am getting rid of the awkward goodbyes and looking forward to having more happy hellos. So next time you see me, brace yourself, you’re gettin’ a hug and…if I am feelin’ saucy, maybe a kiss.

Life is too short to shake hands.

*Richard, I know you don’t read my blog. I know this because I asked you. Don’t worry, I won’t hold a grudge, just know that when I mail Andrea a package full of homemade cookies, it will include a note that says “Eat before Ricardo sees these.”