Steam Mop Gone Wild

July 5, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. Okay, don’t judge me with this one… I steam mopped my coffee table and dining room table. I know, I am weird. In my defense, it was BEFORE I mopped the floor so the spongy thing was clean AND it was awesome. All stickiness, instantly was steam mopped away. So judge if you must… I know you’re just jealous!

2. There are bunnies living next door under the shed that, I kid you not, are the size of a small cat. It is a little creepy actually.

3. Boys are born with an unhealthy obsession with fireworks, fire, and blowing things up. Not necessarily in that order. (Scott laid out his fireworks in his room at night so he could watch them while he slept.)

4. It is now July and still haven’t found a swimsuit I like. If I like the bottoms, the top is way to boobalicious and if I like the top the bottoms are muffin-top-alicious

5. Speaking of tops and bottoms… How am I missing all my tuppeware tops? It is not like I ever use them separetly. It just doesn’t make sense.

6. Mike and I watched some home movies and wow, it was eye opening. My voice is annoying and I make really weird facial expressions.

7. I like brussel sprouts.

What did you learn this week? (Please tell me you learned something more exciting than MOPPING YOUR KITCHEN TABLE! I am such a dork.)