Menu Plan Monday

September 28, 2009

So the Slow Cooker Spaghetti was a hit! Very very easy and very very yummy (thanks Emily!). Although, I did discover that we all chop our meatballs up into little pieces so it is more like meat sauce, so next time, I am going to just add ground beef instead of meatballs…on second thought, that will require the extra step of cooking the ground beef so maybe I will just continue to force everyone to chop up their meatballs. Work smarter not harder…right?! I feel like I am in a cooking rut. Bored of my standbys but nothing new sounds good (and by good I mean easy). So tonight, I dig deep. I am going to check out some new sites and get renewed and refreshed… We’ll see what I come up with!

PS The fried okra/fish night was a disaster. It ended with the fire alarm going off and two pans of burning oil on the front porch. We will leave it at that.

Monday: Buttermilk Ranch Chicken Breast w/ Asparagus and rolls

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Southwestern Pulled Brisket Sandwiches

Wednesday: Grilled Sausage and Grilled Veggies with Baked Potatoes

Thursday: Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup

Friday: Grilled Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad and Cheesy Garlic Bread

Saturday: I am going to a good friends 30th birthday party. I may or may not return before sunrise… Boys on their own!!!

Sunday: Leftovers

What are you cooking this week? Anything I might like?


Menu Plan Monday

September 21, 2009

So the last two weeks, we have overloaded on Mexican food. We can’t stop. Tonight we even had all our leftovers in nacho form. So this week, I am going to try to veer away a little… I got an email from some recipe place that spams me that was advertising 38 delicious casserole recipes, I thought, “Hmmm, casserole sounds good. It is rainy and cool out, yum!”. I opened the spam and to my disappointment it was only 10 casserole recipes and only two actually sounded good, BUT it got me thinking about casseroles. So this week I am going to try a new one.

Monday: Grilled Tilapia with fried okra

Tuesday: Emily left me this recipe in my comments last week to solve my spaghetti conundrum… Slow Simmered Spaghetti and Meatballs, I am excited to try it! (if it is bad blame Emily ;))

Wednesday: So this is the casserole I choose…. It sounds extremely healthy, that is what first attracted me to it… Breakfast Casserole Supreme with our new obsession clementines

Thursday: Blackened Chicken Sandwiches with veggies of some sort (blackened chicken with provolone cheese and avocado slices)

Friday: Hot dogs and Smores… Mike and Scott are having a backyard camp out (isn’t that so cute!)

Saturday: Homemade Pizza Night (carried over from last week)

Sunday: Leftovers

What are you making this week?

The Magic Box

September 19, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. Nate has figured out that turning on the DVD player makes the entire TV turn on.  Every time he does it, he looks around frantically waiting to see when I will notice and then stares at me with big eyes and a shocked look on his face, I think he is trying to pretend like he didn’t do it on purpose.

2. Rain gets depressing after a while.

3. I don’t get Jay Leno’s new/old show. I mean I get it because it is exactly the same as the show he just “retired” from, I don’t get why he quit one show to do the exact same show at a different time.

4. I rarely watch Biggest Loser, but since FB was all a twitter about the Oklahoma guy, I tuned in (get it…FB… all a “twitter”… Don’t worry folks, I will be here all night.) Anyways, Jillian scares me. And how does someone lose 28 lbs in a week? I mean really 28 POUNDS!

5. The Roku is really cool.

6. Sometimes, when people forget to do their chores and then it turns out to be more work than it was supposed to be, they will blame someone else for not remembering to do their chore for them.

7. Do you remember when the Valpak thing that magically appears in your mail box used to contain coupons for restaurants instead of advertisements for garage doors and carpet cleaning? I miss those days.

8. Sometimes, you get lucky and are able to help with a seemingly unhelpable situation.

That is all. What did you learn this week?

On Monday evening, I opened the pantry door on top of my toe and fell on the floor wincing in pain and willing my self not to say a bad word. Scott (trying to be helpful) bent down beside me, started smacking patting me on the back while yelling encouraging me with these words (very close to my face), “Shake it off Mom, c’mon, just shake off. You’ll be okay, you just have to SHAKE IT OFF.”

I was squinting through the pain at him thinking, “Seriously, that is so annoying. Is that what I sound like when my kids get hurt. If so, I resolve right now to let them wallow in their pain and to never again get in their faces with the words “Shake it off”.”

On a more positive note. I am going to win Mother of the Year. Okay maybe just Mother of the Minute, or at least runner-up. I figured out a solution for the “please don’t take me to school” saga! On Tuesday while Scott was upset (this is after Monday night when he had a nervous breakdown and I found him asleep underneath his bed and when I woke him up to put him back in bed, he informed me he was hiding from school) about having to go to school.  I had run out of encouraging things to say, a higher power intervened and all of the sudden out of my mediocre mom mouth came, “I have an idea. Let’s pick out a secret treasure that you can fit in your pocket and when you get sad, you put your hand in your pocket and know that I will be there to get you soon. The only rule is, you can’t tell ANYBODY. It has to be your secret.” Tears dried up. Excitement shone through. Scott picked a silver race car. Skipped off to school. Didn’t tell a soul. (I did tell his teacher, just in case). Had a wonderful day! Today he picked a “S” puzzle piece for Scott. Another great day. It’s all coming together for ‘ol Liz Lemon. It’s all coming together.

Oh little Nater Tater. Today we went to Nate’s first ever “event”. Baby  story time at the library. Poor Nate, he has never had a play date, never been to anything baby focused…everything is always centered around Scott, so I am trying to make at least one school day all about Nate. He loved it. He was giggling, listening, clapping. It was adorable. I am refusing to feel guilty for not doing these things for him sooner. Refusing I tell you.

Nate is still, ummm, how shall we put this, “working” on walking. He is getting some major chompers and he still loves to point and scream. He does have a new trick added to his repertoire. He drinks water and then on the last drink, he holds it is his mouth with his cheeks blown up and everything, waits for you to look at him, then bends one side of his bottom lip down and soaks himself. It is to cute to be annoyed at. Oh and he really does hold the water until you are making eye contact with him, I tested him.

That is all, just a little update on the world’s most gifted adorable and multi talented children.

Menu Plan Monday

September 14, 2009

Rainy days. They make me want to eat. I asked Mike if he had any specific requests and he said, “Spaghetti and the Bagellini Sandwich.” The Bagellini, I can do. Spaghetti, I can not. I hate making spaghetti, I don’t know why, it is one the easiest meals… Actually, that is not true, I do know why, I don’t think my spaghetti is good. My mom’s spaghetti is awesome, she puts lots of time and love into it. I do not. I buy noodles, I buy sauce, I buy meat. I put it together and plop it on a plate. My mom simmers and seasons, and tastes, and simmers and seasons. She adds sausage and pork chop on the bone, and ground beef…. It is mouth watering. All that to say, this week we will have the yummy Bagellini but we will not be having spaghetti. We will wait for my mom to invite us over for that ;). (did you catch that winky face I just did, I am coming around!)

PS My mom’s pesto is delicious. I will get the recipe and post it OR mom if you are reading this… will you post it in the comments?

Monday:Veggie Quesadillas w/ leftover grilled veggies

Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner, pancakes (make extra to freeze for a quick breakfast), eggs, fruit

Wednesday: Bagellini

Thursday: Burritos or Burrito Bowls with Spanish rice and melted goey cheese on top (made with Andrea style taco meat)

Friday: No More Rain! (says the 10 day forecast) Homemade Pizza Grilled

Saturday: Burgers, Chicken, and Veggies on the grill, I know we just had burgers, but I am trying to hang on to every last drop of summer

Sunday: Leftovers

What are you making this week?

PPS I quit posting on Organizing Junkie. It just seemed like one more step… Just in case you were wondering!

Bubble Gum

September 13, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. Nate and bug bites, do not get along. I actually pulled all his bedding off to make sure there wasn’t something weird biting him in the night….

2. A clean kitchen makes the whole house seem more calm.

3. It really annoys me when big trucks hauling rocks and dirt and sticks that are flying from their truck are allowed to put stickers on the bumper that say “Not responsible for broken windshields”.

4. I am not used to running at La Fortune instead of Riverside. I am used to going in a straight line and then turning around and running home. It makes my run feel so much longer to have to do two loops.

5. I love this house. It feels huge and clean and wonderful. I highly recommend that if you are downsizing, move to a super tiny rent house first and then move to your real house, you will fully appreciate the space.

6. I don’t think there is a point at which my body could ever say, “Please, not mexican food again!”

7. Some days you just need a couple of glasses of wine.

8. Nate is scared of bubble gum bubbles. It is sad and kind of funny to watch him scream when anyone blows a bubble.

9. If you plan it, people will come!

What did you learn this week?

Let it go, Let yourself flow

September 10, 2009

My cup of mama guilt is overflowing and I hate it.  I strive to live my life not constantly feeling like I am not giving enough or trying hard enough or am not perfect enough. Because no matter how hard I try or how much I give, some one will always be able to do it better (at least from the outside looking in) and someone else will always want more. I don’t mean that in a depressing self deprecating way, but in a spirit of acceptance. I like who I am. I am never going to be the girl who fixes her hair every day. I am never going to be the mom that has a special craft every afternoon and isn’t afraid of glitter. I am never going to be the wife that greets her husband with a smile and a cocktail every night. I am okay with this. But these last two weeks. Oh mama. First, being sick didn’t help. I felt so guilty that on Scott’s first day of school I didn’t wake up early and fix him a special breakfast. It was all I could do to hobble into school and force a smile when I dropped him off. I felt guilty that I couldn’t snuggle Nate while I was sick and then even more guilty that I knew he didn’t understand why.

Gut wrenching mom moment #1- Putting your screaming one year old on the floor, slamming the door in his face so you can puke, looking up to see his fingers poking under the door and him lying on the wood floor watching you in the little crack (still screaming).

I feel guilty I was in such a bad mood during the move. I was grouchy to Mike and fake happy to the kids (ps, kids can tell the difference between fake happy and real happy). I was in survival mode. I feel so guilty that my tiny four year old is skin and bones from being sick. Those of you who know me well, remember the stress of Scott’s tininess as a toddler. Test after test, meeting with the nutritionist, me writing down every morsel he put in his mouth for two weeks (I am talking about counting out gold fish obsessing).I am trying very hard to not obsess, but I find my self holding my breath every time Scott takes a bite and silently praying that he will take another one.

Gut wrenching mom moment #2- Yelling at your child while crying (I was crying not him), “Please just eat. Please eat.”

I feel guilty that Nate wants me to hold him every second and I don’t want to. I feel guilty that I am “forcing” Scott to got to school. I feel guilty that he is holding back tears when I pick him up and hugs me so hard it hurts.

Gut wrenching mom moment #3- Having your 4-year-old blinking back tears while trying to talk you into not making him go to school. “Please don’t make me go. I just want hang out with you. School just has too many minutes in it. If you let me stay here, I can help you with Tots. I am a really good helper with him.” It almost would have been easier if he would have freaked out instead of trying to talk in his quivering voice.

I am trying to let go. I am trying to have a good inner monologue and to know that some things I just don’t have control over. I am trying to remember, feeling guilty doesn’t change the situation, it only wears me out.

I need a girls night out.