Plum Sake

October 10, 2009

Things I learned this week:

1. When a neighbor down the street is getting new windows and you actually feel jealousy… You need to get a life. And you are officially a grown up.

2. Making a pumpkin pie from scratch (I am talking from a real pumpkin with homemade crust) is so so so not worth it.

PS I threw that one in just to brag a little.

3. When I am 45 I want to look like Mary-Louise Parker. Also, I have been renting Weeds from Net Flix and am obsessed.

4. I have got to come up with a new plan of distraction for Nate. So far this week I have had one MAC blush broken, one MAC eyeshadow broken (you think I would I have learned after the blush, but these are desperate times), one brush completely lost (I have searched everywhere), and one earring lost.

5. The Cabo Tacos at In The Raw are incredible. Totally random, but incredible.

6. The Plum Sake at In The Raw tastes like children’s Tylenol. So that is why I had to follow it with a beer, you know, to get the taste out of my mouth of course ;)!

7. The pumpkin patch is definitely not very much fun to go to alone (by alone I mean with my kids but no friends).

8. Evie will be here in 17 days!!!

What did you learn this week?